Finally! A Quick and Easy Way For YOU to Painlessly Set Up Your OWN WordPress Websites… Without Being a Computer Geek, Buying Expensive Software, or Paying Outrageous Fees To A Webmaster!

  • Do you see the MASSIVE amount of opportunity on the Internet, but don’t know how to set up a website to build your business?
  • Are you falling behind because you lack the know-how to change and manage your own website?
  • Are you being held hostage by your current webmaster?
  • Do you have a website now, but it “sucks” or it’s very hard to make changes?

If you answered “YES” to ANY of these questions… this may be the most important letter you read all year! Why?

Because once you learn this simple process, you can create, manage, and make changes to your own website as easily as firing up your word processor!


From The Desk Of Jim Edwards
Re: YOUR Own WordPress Websites

Dear Friend,

frustratedDoes this frustrate you, too?

Maybe you want to put up an article or make a post to your own blog…

Maybe you want to sell an ebook you wrote or bought resale rights to (so people can buy and download right from your website)…

Maybe you just want to set up a simple “About Me” page for your eBay auctions…

Maybe you want to drive traffic to your affiliate links through Amazon, but you need to be able to quickly set up a “landing” page to test your ideas…

Maybe you just want to set up a simple newsletter site that lets people subscribe to your email updates.

Right now you know WHAT you want to do… but nobody has ever shown you the “nuts and bolts mechanics of HOW to do it STEP-BY-STEP on the web specifically with WordPress!

I don’t know about you, but this situation
frustrates the hell out of most people!

madThe solution nowadays to set up a website is, without a doubt, WordPress! But all the “gurus” out there just tell you “Hey, go set up a WordPress website or blog to do this.” And then they just gloss right over to the next step, leaving you to ask “Okay, HOW do I set up a WordPress website?”

What you want and need is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow path to get WordPress set up, with your own domain name (a .com address) and hosting account, so you can make sales, collect credit card payments, attract subscribers, deliver your ebook on “auto-pilot” and establish a solid presence from which to grow your business on the Web! (like all the gurus promise you can).

And the great news is… that’s exactly what we have for you here at WP Website Creator!

It Has Never Been Easier or Cheaper To Set Up &
Manage Your Own WordPress Websites!
(Especially when you compare it to the horror
I went through to get started back in 1997!)

But I’m getting ahead of myself!

Back when I got started online in 1997 it was almost impossible to set up a website by yourself.

  • Web design cost a fortune…
  • Bandwidth costs were outrageous…
  • Minor changes to your website required an act of Congress…
  • Hosting was a nightmare!

BUT, since I couldn’t afford to hire someone to put up my website, I had to figure it all out on my own – which launched me on the path of what I started to call the 20-hour “30-second job!”

What I mean by this is all those little “30 second jobs” that seem to take 20 hours of hair-pulling frustration to figure out the first time!

I could go on for an hour about my aggravation over the years trying to set up what seems “simple” now!

You know, things like:

  • How to set up, post, and display a simple sales letter online, so you can sell your ebooks, products, and services…
  • How to set up a “Contact Us” form so people can email you through your website…
  • How to set up a download page to offer a free report, ebook, or software, so you can let people download their purchases on “auto-pilot”…
  • How to put a simple autoresponder form on your website, so you can get subscribers to your newsletters, forced optin “squeeze” pages and build your email subscriber list…
  • How to display your affiliate links to sell other people’s products and bank those FAT commission checks everyone talks about…
  • And a lot more!

Then along came WordPress which promised to change all that! BUT, make no mistake, WordPress has its own learning curve. And even though it’s a GREAT tool, it could take you a very long time on your own to figure out all the mechanics of doing this “stuff” to quickly and easily create your own websites in WordPress!

BUT, the great news is, you’re about to save yourself ALL that time, trouble, and frustration!

Introducing my new hold-you-by-the-hand-and-show-you-exactly-what-to-do e-class program….

WordPress Website Creator” v1.1

I’m Going To Personally Show & Tell You
Step-By-Step and Click-By-Click Everything
You Need To Know To Set Up YOUR OWN
Money-Making WordPress Websites…
100% Guaranteed!

That’s right, in this breakthrough e-class I’m going to pull back the curtain and show you everything I know about the mechanics of creating great looking, fast loading, effective websites in WordPress… and I’ll show you how to build them out and customize them for your business any way you need to!


This Whole Process is Just
“Point and Click!”
(If you can click a mouse, you CAN do this!)

Imagine this…

  • Click a button – your website is set up…
  • Click a button – add new pages to your site…
  • Click a button – automatically install fill-in-the-blank Contact Forms…
  • Click a button – see YOUR own fully functional website online and open for business!

Well that’s exactly what you get with the WP Website Creator!

WordPress Website Creator CORE Course

First, we have the “Core” Course where we show you step-by-step how to install, setup and configure the latest version of WordPress for your own website and blog. We teach this core course LIVE every 90 days, making the recordings available to you in the interim to go through as often as you like.

This core training lasts between 60-90 minutes and shows you everything you need to get your site up and running.

WordPress Website Creator Skills, Sales, and Business Building Modules

These are pre-recorded modules to help you build your business, make more sales, and build your skills for turning your WordPress website into whatever you need them to do.

These modules are up-to-date and ready to go to help you make the most of your WordPress websites.

In fact, here’s a quick sampling of what we’ll cover in these…

LIVE TRAINING & Self-Study Modules

In this full-blown “mechanics” course you’ll see how to use WordPress as the cornerstone of your online presence.

In fact, in this all new step-by-step video training we show you EXACTLY how to…

  • Install your WordPress website in just a few mouse clicks (using either Fantastico or Simple Scripts)…
  • How to work with the theme and change the header graphic for the look you want that will help drive sales…


  • How to set up the front page of your site as a WordPress Website sales letter (great for a fast site setup and offer testing)
  • How to create “Hidden Download Pages” to deliver your ebooks, software and more on auto-pilot…
  • Disclaimers: what they are, where to find them
  • Header Graphics: what makes a good one and where to get them made
  • How to quickly find a good domain even if you think they are all gone
    • A LIVE DEMO of searching for and FINDING good domains in a competitive market


  • Which plugins we use and why
  • How to install those plugins
  • How to configure those plugins
  • How to get started using the plugins on your own site


  • Planning your site and Creating pages quickly
  • Set up “Permalinks” to get your links right for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Set which page you want as the “home” page of your site
  • Setting up your “blog” to go with your website (or set up your blog as a stand-alone website)
  • Page Templates: How and why to choose which template for the job and use them for maximum effect


  • Creating custom navigation menus for both the top and right sidebars
  • How to set up your footer and disclaimers menu


  • Adding Content to your site, including:
    • Creating Pages & Posts – WYSIWYG vs. HTML View
    • Editing Text and Text Styles
    • H1, H2, Paragraph
    • Format Font, Size, Bold, Italics, Underline, Justify left, right, center
    • How to set the time on your WP Website and why it’s critical to set the time at this stage of the process
    • Bulleted Lists and Numbered lists


  • Inserting Graphics
  • Types of graphics
  • Positioning graphics relative to text


  • Inserting Links
  • Linking from text (Hypertext)
  • Linking from images


  • Special Pages, including:
    • Download Pages where people can download their product purchases from you
    • Contact Us Pages with forms people submit to send a message to you through your WP website
    • Configuring your sitemap plugin so it creates an easy way for Google (and others) to find and index your pages and posts


  • Step by step how to set up your autoresponder software
  • How to generate the form code
  • How to get the form code into your WP website pages so it looks good
  • How to put the form code into the right sidebar of your blog using a text widget
  • How to test the form
  • How to load messages into the autoresponder


  • Taking payments through the Web, including:
    • We teach you both PayPal & Clickbank
    • ClickBank Straightforward purchase links
    • PayPal – Buy Now buttons AND text links


  • Social Media Integration
  • The easiest social media plugins you can use
  • How to set up each plugin
  • How to activate and configure each plugin

… and much, MUCH more!

Self-Study Modules

Self-Study Module:
“Killer Headlines, Bullets and ‘Hooks’ – the secret to kick-ass WordPress Websites that work like crazy!”

In this lesson, I give you the keys to creating copy for your WordPress Websites that really works. You see, with WordPress Websites, it comes down to good, solid direct-response marketing techniques… and at the heart of good direct-response marketing, is excellent sales copy.

If your sales copy rocks, your WordPress Websites will rock… and your bullets and headlines are the most important parts of that process. When you get done with this webinar session you’ll be a headline, hook, and bullet pro!

Here’s just a sample of what we’ll cover:

  • Killer “Hooks” Overview
  • Why Headlines and Bullets are so critical
  • Why Formulas are the key to great headlines and bullets
  • Building a swipe file
  • 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make With Headlines
  • What all great headlines have in common
  • 15 Fill-in-the-blank headline templates you can use immediately
  • Typical headline formatting
  • The “real” purpose of bullets
  • Bullet Basics and my proven “F.B.M.” Bullet Formula
  • 4 Bullet Formulas you can use right away
  • Real Bullet Examples
  • … and much, MUCH more!

Self-Study Module:
“Double-Barreled Sales Letter Formulas that ALWAYS work!”

You’re going to discover 2 different ways to create a sales letter GUARANTEED to Work FAST!

By the way, I’ve used both of these formulas to sell MILLIONS of dollars’ worth of physical and downloadable products online… and I’m pulling back the curtain to explain how to create them really fast (instead of struggling like most people do).

Even if you went through v1.0, I’ve got some new twists on FAST copywriting that will blow your socks off (including a new twist on an old formula that helps get your sales letter done in an afternoon)!

  • Introduction to WordPress Website Sales Letters…
  • Your sales letter mindset…
  • The 2 main types of letters you can write in an afternoon…
  • The “building block” mindset and how to use it to get your first draft done fast…
  • And too much more to even try to list here!

Self-Study Module:
“Advanced WordPress Website Techniques & Strategies”

In this lesson I teach you how to milk more money out of your WordPress Website… everything from selling people more up-front, to making a killing on the back-end right after they buy. How to make a second-chance offer to the majority of people who come to your forced opt-in page without signing up… and how to get people who don’t answer your questions on your MBQ’s to answer a question anyway!

This lesson really does show you how to take your WordPress Websites to the next level, including:

  • 3 immediate ways to make more money from your WordPress websites
  • How a trip to McDonalds leads to more sales online
  • Immediate backend selling techniques
  • How to let pictures and graphics help you sell more
  • How to never let your information look out of date (no matter how old your site is)
  • Using blogs to make money
  • Much, MUCH more…

Self-Study Module:
3 B’s Of Generating Traffic To Your WordPress Websites

I’m going to teach you the 3 (and only 3) ways to generate traffic to any of your WordPress Websites. You’re going to have some major breakthroughs on this lesson. Suddenly traffic won’t be some big mystery, but an EASY thing to turn on and off like a faucet, any time you want it!

  • 3 B’s Of Generating Traffic To Your WordPress Websites
  • The “Bottom Line” On Targeted Traffic
  • 3 Main Sources for PPC traffic
  • Ezine Advertising
  • Targeted Website Advertising
  • 3 Cardinal Rules for Buying Traffic
  • Finding Affiliates & Super Affiliates
  • Why Article Marketing is the best traffic method I know (and how to make it work for you)
  • My TOP SECRET Article Marketing Tactic I’ve only revealed once before
  • Viral Traffic Magnets
  • Real World Link Exchanges
  • Directing Traffic On Your WordPress Websites
  • Much, Much MORE!

So as you can see…

This is THE training with the nitty-gritty nuts and bolts you need to make this the year you kick YOUR business into high gear with REAL website(s) you can put up in a single afternoon using WordPress!

So now, let me explain to you…

Here’s How The ALL-NEW
“WordPress Website Creator v1.1”
e-Class Gets Delivered To You

provenThe course is delivered 100% online through our protected members’ area.

The LIVE classes are offered through GotoWebinar, which makes it easy to learn online just by watching on your computer screen and listening through your speakers.

The classes work for both PC and MAC. If you can access the Internet, you can do everything we teach you in this course!

From time to time we will update various parts of the course and you are fully entitled to ALL updates 100% FREE of charge.

Let me make that 100% clear…

Once you join the WordPress Website Creator, you never have to pay for updates – EVER!

Who Should Take
WordPress Website Creator v1.1 e-Class?

  • Anyone who has a burning desire to finally know exactly what it takes to quickly and easily set up your own WordPress Websites…
  • Anyone who wants the personal power and ability to make changes to their WordPress Websites without having to wait (and pay) for a webmaster or web designer to make those changes…
  • Anyone who wants to be able to put up a GREAT Website to promote their ebook, newsletter, free report, software, affiliate links, store, professional practice, speaking business, or practically anything else… FAST!
  • Anyone who has a site right now you don’t control 100% yourself or you’re not happy with it!

Who Should NOT Take The
WordPress Website Creator v1.1 e-Class?

  • Anyone who considers themselves to be a professional “webmaster” already
    (and / or already has a chip on their shoulder about it)…
  • Anyone who likes to do things the “hard” way…
  • Anyone who believes complicated and expensive is better than fast and cheap…
  • Anyone who likes to whine and complain or is a “bitter know-it-all”…

“What Skills Do You Need To Take
The ‘WordPress Website Creator v1.1’ e-Course?”

Here’s a list of the skills you need in order be successful with this course. (Go down the list below.)

[ ] You have basic typing skills, even if it’s the old “hunt and peck” method…
[ ] You can surf the web, click links, send email, navigate to web addresses and generally “get around” on the Internet…
[ ] You know the difference between “left mouse click” and “right mouse click”…
[ ] You know what “copy and paste” means…
[ ] You can use a basic word processor like Microsoft “Word” or “Word Perfect” (though you don’t have to own either of these programs)…
[ ] You know the difference between graphics and text on a page…
[ ] You have Internet access on either a PC or MAC…
[ ] You have a burning desire to learn how YOU can set up your own WordPress Websites so you can finally start building your business online once and for all!

When you answer YES to all of these questions, then you can feel confident that you have the skills necessary to complete this class…
and quickly and easily build your own WordPress Websites!

Now, at this point you also may be wondering…

Who is Jim Edwards And
Why Should I Listen To Him?

Who am I to teach you this?

experienceWell, I put up my first money-making website way back in 1997.

I’ve been successfully teaching people how to set up their own websites since 1999 AND I’ve been teaching people how to do it with WordPress since 2009!

Anything you could want to do with WordPress I’ve done it, including:

  • Selling ebooks, software and downloadable products
  • Selling services
  • Building huge subscriber lists
  • Operating a high-traffic blog
  • Setting up and running membership sites
  • Promoting retail stores
  • Promoting professional practices

You name it – we’ve done it (or helped someone else to do it). And, MORE importantly, we can teach YOU how to do it too!

Act NOW and Receive ALL These Bonuses
To Put Your WordPress Websites On the FAST Track:

By making the smart choice to sign up for the “WordPress Website Creator v1.1” e-Class right now, I’m going to include ALL of the following bonuses to help you get started FAST.


When you become a Word Press Websites student, you get lifetime access to all our training in this course. That means every time we teach the core class again, you can attend live (or view the recordings). Any time we add a new tool or self-study training, you get access to it. This truly is a “one-and-done” training and tools package… the best value on the web!!

FREE: Our favorite WordPress Theme

This theme is like a “Swiss Army Knife” in that it’s super simple to set up your WordPress website in a flash and make it into a custom site. This theme gets the job done and makes it really easy on you to add content and have things look the way they should – the first time out!

FREE: Access Jim’s “Classic Sales Letter” Wizard

This wizard makes it super-simple to come up with the sales copy you need to sell your products and services. And it makes writing the first draft of your sales letters an absolute breeze. Answer the questions, click the button, and copy & paste your new sales letter directly into your WordPress Website! The only way I could make it easier is if I came to your house and typed up your sales letter for you!

FREE: The “Perfect Ping List”

We’ll give you the most up-to-date ping list so you can automatically ping the most important sites to help you get the exposure you need, especially with Google and other search engines. We update this list monthly so you just copy and paste it right into your WordPress control panel. You can be confident that you always have the right pings going out every time you post new content.

Grab Your Spot In The
“WordPress Website Creator v1.1″ Course NOW

Register Now – 100% Guaranteed!

1 Single Payment of $197 (NO Monthly)

  • INCLUDES How to install the latest version of WordPress
  • INCLUDES Our Easy-To-Use Theme
  • INCLUDES Advanced WordPress strategies and tools
  • INCLUDES The Perfect Ping List
  • INCLUDES Jim’s “Classic Sales Letter Wizard” access
  • INCLUDES Killer Headlines, Bullets & Hooks Training
  • INCLUDES Sales Letter and Copywriting Training
  • INCLUDES Our favorite plugins and how to install / configure them
  • INCLUDES How to get TRAFFIC to your WordPress Websites
  • INCLUDES How to add content to your site and ditch your webmaster
  • INCLUDES LIFETIME LIVE Updates, Upgrades and Bonuses
  • INCLUDES Much, MUCH More!

** NOTE: We just taught the most recent LIVE version of the class (Ver 1.1) on March 28, 2013 – so it’s VERY up-to-date – and the replay is available for instant viewing. We’re in the middle of teaching all the Advanced Website Modules and posting them in the members’ area… so now is a GREAT time to register for the tools and training!


30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that WordPress Website Creator will show you step-by-step and click-by-click exactly how to setup, maintain and run your own websites using WordPress. If for any reason you don’t feel the course lives up to this promise, just send us a simple email asking for a refund and we’ll promptly refund your tuition… No Questions Asked! (and no hard feelings :D)!

To your success,
Jim Edwards

P.S. – So if you’ve read down this far and haven’t reserved your seat yet, you’re probably wondering, “Jim, why are you selling this course so cheap? All the other guru’s courses cost $2,000.00 or more. What’s the catch?”

Good question. The reason I’m practically giving this course away is actually two-fold:

  1. First, I remember what it was like to try to get started with my first website. How much money and time I wasted trying to figure everything out on my own. I basically want to reach back in time and help as many people as I can right now, by NOT charging the $2,000+ I could easily get for this ALL-NEW training and tools.Chances are that when you buy your seat in my course today, this isn’t the first course you’ve bought to try to get your business going “for real” online… but I guarantee it’s the only one you’ll need for setting up WordPress Websites and it will fill in all the blanks as far as the “nuts and bolts” mechanics of setting up a business online.
  2. Second, I have a selfish interest in putting this e-class in as many people’s hands as possible…Once I train everyone the right way to set up their WordPress Websites (mechanically), I’ll build a huge base of people who know me, trust me, and look to me in the future for new online education programs, software, and information to build their online businesses. I’ll be the only one truly serving this group of people – people just like you! 😀

DISCLAIMER: This site is not connected with or endorsed by WordPress,, and We love WordPress 🙂